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Vision Statement

We have used many words over the years to convey our vision as a church. The uniqueness of Liberty Street Church is simple; our call is to bring Heaven to Earth! We want to be a real place, with a real God, touching real lives, the lives of real people. Our mission is also to reach out and take the great message of Jesus everywhere we are, all the time. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to this world and to every life that is touched by Him. We are not the biggest church, we don't have the best facilities, we are not cutting edge and we don't put on a show. We are just a group of people dedicated to each other and to God and trying to change the things around us for the better.

Values we do not negotiate and drive us forward:

1. Get Jesus here. (He is everything!)

2. Get better here; (We provide a loving church environment that helps each person start where they are at and go forward)

3. Get serious here. (Growing people are changed people)

4. Get a family here. (You can’t do life alone)

5. Get out of here! (Saved people Serve people. Serving builds bridges into people’s lives thereby giving us an opportunity to introduce them to Jesus. Take Jesus to others)